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Bleak Valley

Creating an oasis of trust and honesty to revolutionize the NFT industry for the better. We are at the cutting-edge of innovative solutions for the web 3 space through the power of community education and cooperation. Bleak Valley aims to be at the forefront of this growth by focusing on building strong foundations to weather any future market corrections, trends and regulation. Developing a robust foundation enables Bleak Valley to have sustained growth vastly into the future of Web 3.0.

Our Team

We build, grow and prosper together... 

M3taverse - Louis

Early crypto adopter and investor, full time artist for Bleak Valley. Experienced NFT creator mainly focusing on 1/1 NFTs but expanding to a larger collection. Responsible for all the eye candy associated with Open Minds.

Dystopian - Riley Campbell

Passionate about enriching communities through NFTS. Experience in e-commerce, business management, marketing and real estate development. I am most enthusiastic about providing a plethora of opportunities for everyone in the web3 space.

Mattious - Matthew Morgan

Previously studying a Organic and Medicinal Chemistry major, to assist in the growth of his animal pharmaceuticals company. A very keen and experienced investor in stocks, crypto currencies and NFTs. Extremely driven to positively change the NFT industry.