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Creating an haven of sustainability and accountability to revolutionize the NFT industry. Far to often NFTs sprint to create short term value, utilizing all resources for short term glorification and price spikes. Collectively we are such early adopters of crypto/NFTs and should focus our true values to be in sustainability and longevity within the industry. 

Buddles aims to create a stable foundation where our brand can sustain growth and reward investors as the industry matures.

The Founders

We build, grow and prosper together... 

Dystopian - Riley Campbell

Passionate about enriching communities through NFTS. Experience in e-commerce, business management, marketing and real estate development. I am most enthusiastic about providing a plethora of opportunities for everyone in the web3 space.

Mattious - Matthew Morgan

Studying an Organic and Medicinal Chemistry major, Owner of an Animal Pharmaceuticals Company. A keen and experienced investor in stocks, crypto currencies and NFTs. Extremely driven to positively change the NFT industry.

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